100+ Years of Expertise


Calgary L&G’s talented team boasts more than a century of experience in lubricants research, quality assurance, and plant operations.


A Finely Tuned Facility

Our grease manufacturing facility was first commissioned on Sept 10, 1982. Today, it stands as the only significant operation of its kind in Canada, west of Toronto, Ontario. Calgary L&G’s plant was designed to make Clay, Lithium, Lithium/Calcium and Calcium grease.

Beyond our capacity to manufacture over 4,000,000 kilograms of grease annually, our accomplished scientists and technicians continue to expand our technologies and capabilities. The operation is complete with a sizable warehouse and robust Research, Product Development and Quality Control Laboratory. In addition, we have a large tank farm, bulk truckload rack and rail sidings to ensure specialized storage and handling of finished blended oils and base fluids for grease manufacturing.

The West and Beyond

We are proud to be an agile and responsive organization, with a strong focus on exceeding customer expectations by delivering superior solutions. Strategically located in Calgary, Alberta, our high-quality products and services support the mining, railway and general lubrication sectors of western North America. At Calgary L&G, we offer worldwide distribution and world-class customer service.